We aspire to rise beyond barriers and be relentless in pursuing our goals through competence and passion. We welcome candidates who can relate to and rally behind this ‘unconditional commitment to equity’.

Our values guide our actions

Impact First

Placing the communities at the centre to address the complexity and depth of India’s development

Beyond the Rationale

Passionate, committed, and going beyond any assumed limitations


The ability to predict shifts and respond with agility. Innovation sets Dasra apart


A foundation to rise above self-interest and embrace other values


Committed to the highest ethical standards of individual and organizational impact

What makes Dasra special?

Dasra has transformed the landscape of the development sector through its collaborative approach of nurturing a holistic and cohesive ecosystem of action and support. Dasra’s commitment towards fostering these systems of social justice has profoundly shaped my understanding and outlook towards my own role in the sector. Through Dasra’s forward thinking, community-centric, intersectional and collaborative initiatives I have learned the importance of collective action and sustainable development in creating a lasting positive change.

Manvi Mehrotra

Associate, ClimateRISE

What makes Dasra special?

Working with Dasra has helped shape my perspective on how we look at solutions in the development space – and the pivot from viewing the communities as beneficiaries of our initiatives to partners we have to support and empower for long-term change. What I am most proud of, of our work in the urban WSH team is our active collaboration with partners to ensure scale of our initiatives to ensure sanitation for all; especially with regards to providing support to states in India who have just begun their safe sanitation journey.

Tamara Fernandes

Team Lead, Urban Sanitation

What makes Dasra special?

Very seldom does one have the opportunity to build evidence from a growing movement that impacts the global development ecosystem, to design a rubric that inspires and propels change towards re-purposing power to deliver equity. With Rebuild India Fund, Dasra is shaping the very values and systems that enable trust-based giving. I am co-authoring journeys of change with proximate leaders from India’s remotest and most complex geographies, meeting ancient and marginalized communities that are generously teaching us about trust, diversity and inclusion- I am finally confident that breaking the cycle of vulnerability is possible, only because at Dasra, our partners come first.

Shinjini Singh

Manager, Rebuild India Fund

What makes Dasra special?

Dasra’s ability and unique proposition, of offering a bird's eye view of the philanthropy space whilst developing programs grounded in community experience is what makes it an exciting space to work at. Across all its initiatives, and governance structures (Youth Committee, GEDI Council), what stands out is the freedom the organization provides, to exhibit agility, innovation, and be part of creating a wide basket of solutions that are new, dynamic and relevant to the sector we are working within. It is also dedicated to nurturing talent, building capabilities of individuals, not only at a team level, but also as budding sector professionals. Dasra's commitment to excellence is evident in their ability to adapt, stay resolute, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve, making It a wonderful place to be.

Suveera Venkatesh

Associate, Adolescent and Youth

What makes Dasra special?

Dasra began the #BackTheFrontline initiative during the pandemic, which focused on providing relief to the most vulnerable. The agility, humility, and integrity with which we operated left a mark on me. We were encouraged to do whatever it takes. We supported grassroots nonprofits with proposal writing, taking notes about the on-ground situation, spreading the word among philanthropy and eased processes. Over time, this response evolved into a long-term strategy for our work. We continue being dedicated to serving communities, geographies, and sectors with an intersectional perspective. This helps me stay anchored and feel inspired, every day.

Ami Misra

Manager, Catalytic Philanthropy 

Benefits of working with Dasra

Parental Leave of 6 Months

Annual Offsites/ Retreats

Work Life Balance

Trust-based Medical Leave

Medical Insurance

All-Staff Friday Lunch; Every Friday!