Who we are

About Dasra

Equity has Exponential Power

Dasra promotes social change by acknowledging diverse challenges, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.

To strive for equity is to:

  • understand diverse forms of
  • solve for inequity
    at all levels,
  • sustain equity through systemic change and create and harness opportunity

A Resolve to Solve

The concept of equity is compelling but the pursuit of equity is complex and challenging. While policies and frameworks can create the right environment for equity, it requires a commitment to results for it to become a transformative reality. With this in mind, we have identified goals that guide us.

Deepen impact

Deepen impact in focused fields through scalable solutions


Foster a trust-based network of stakeholders to grow social capital


Lead a strategic philanthropy movement with powerful partnerships


Nurture uncompromising competence in a team inspired by social change

Given the above goals and
our strategic pillars,
we base our approach on
principles of collaboration.

Collaborative Thinking

Large scale social impact requires cross-sector coordination, across civil society, communities, philanthropists and government.

Social Change


Stakeholder Centric Learning Agendas

Navigate towards
Collective action